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A challenging education
  SSIS offers a challenging holistic education that encourages self-motivated, lifelong learners, who value other cultures and are responsible, meaningful participants in the international community. SSIS is a fully authorized IB World School, offering the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme.
  SSIS提供一個具有挑戰性的全人教育,鼓勵有上進心,終身學習者,其他文化和價值是誰負責,有意義的參與國際社會。 ssi是世界完全授權IB學校,提供主要的年計劃,中年計劃和文憑課程。
Consistently excellent results
  Our student's excellent academic results are consistently above world average. The Class of 2016 received an average score of 34 out of 45 (the world average was 29). One student received a  score of 42 and another five students received a score over 40. 57% received the highest possible score in at least one subject.
  我們的學生優秀的學術成績一直高于世界平均水平。 2016屆收到平均分數為34的45(世界平均29)。 一個學生得到42分,另一個五名學生收到了 得分超過40。 57% 獲得盡可能多的分數至少在一個主題。
Something extra for everyone
  With over 100 activities to choose from, there is never a shortage of opportunities to explore and participate. From soccer to orchestra to Model United Nations to origami, there really is something for everyone.
  超過100的活動可供選擇,沒有短缺的探索和參與的機會。 從足球到樂團模擬聯合國折紙,其實對每個人都是。
Outstanding, committed and inspirational teachers
  These dedicated professionals are certified in their home countries and a significant number hold Master's degrees or above. 150 expatriate staff, representing more than 20 different countries, and 34 Chinese national teachers, work collaboratively to ensure a holistic, interdisciplinary, and effective approach to teaching and learning.
  這些專用的專業認證在本國和大量持有碩士學位或以上。 150名外籍員工,代表超過20個不同的國家,和中國34個國家老師,協同合作,確保整體,跨學科的、有效的教學和學習方法。
Exceptional facilities to support the latest teaching and learning
  With a 650 seat theatre and a black box theatre, eight science labs, five art rooms, five music rooms, ten music practice rooms, a media centre, a 25 metre swimming pool, football (soccer) fields, tennis courts, a 400 metre running track, two libraries, two double gymnasiums and two canteens who could ask for more?
Students come to learn but leave with something more
  In a positive environment where students support each other our school is not just a place to learn but also to socialize and play. Students from every age and nationality meet and mix with other students, creating a sense of identity and belonging.
  在一個積極的環境,學生相互支持我們學校不僅是學習的地方也是社交和娛樂。 學生來自各個年齡和國籍和混合會見其他學生,創建一個的認同感和歸屬感。
Not just a school, a community
  School is not just for students! Parents are a key part of the SSIS community, and regularly attend information events to discuss school issues and build shared understanding of SSIS beliefs, goals and procedures. We have an active Parent School Partnership committee, which is made up of committed parents from all parts of the school who contribute to school life in many ways, from serving on uniform and canteen review committees to organising school wide family events. Parent volunteers are valued and welcomed, where there are many opportunities to enrich student learning, join field trips, and support sports teams, extra-curricular activities and school wide events.
  學校不僅僅是學生! 父母是一個關鍵的SSIS社區的一部分,并定期參加信息活動討論學校的問題和建立共享的理解SSIS信仰,目標和過程。 我們有一個活躍的家長學校合作委員會,由父母犯下的所有部分學校對學校生活在許多方面,從制服,食堂服務審查委員會組織學校廣泛的家庭活動。 家長志愿者重視和歡迎,有很多機會來豐富學生的學習,參加實地考察,和支持運動隊,課外活動和學校廣泛的事件。
  With over 45 different nationalities we celebrate our diversity throughout the year in a multitude of ways, culminating with the International Family Day in May; a celebration of the many different nationalities present in our school community aimed at raising money for local charities.
Speaking in many tongues
  While English is the language of instruction at SSIS we actively support the maintenance and development of all the mother tongue languages. Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, Spanish and French are offered at different grade levels within our curriculum, and classroom space is provided to parent groups who set up classes in additional languages outside of school hours. For those who need support with English we offer a comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) programme.
  雖然英語是教學語言在SSIS我們積極支持所有的維護和發展母語的語言。 中國、韓國、德國、日本、西班牙和法國提供在不同年級在我們的課程和課堂空間提供給家長團體建立類在上課時間外的其他語言。 用英語對那些需要支持我們提供一個全面的英語作為第二語言(英語)計劃。
Local, regional and global partnerships
  As well as being an IB World School, SSIS is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Instruction (NCCT). SSIS a member of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), East Asian Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS), China International School Sport Association (CISSA) and Shanghai International School Athletic Conference (SISAC). The school is a member of a group of international schools, kindergartens and foreign language schools in China and locally we partner with charitable organizations and schools to give students the opportunity to experience life in their local community.                作為一個IB的世界學校,SSIS委員會認證的國際學校(CIS),新英格蘭學校和大學協會(NEASC)和國家學校課程和教材教學中心(NCCT)。 SSIS協會成員,中國和蒙古國際學校(ACAMIS),東亞區域市政局的海外學校(EARCOS),中國國際學校體育協會(CISSA)和上海國際學校體育會議(SISAC)。 學校屬于一群國際學校,幼兒園在中國和外國語言學校和當地我們與慈善組織和學校合作,讓學生有機會體驗生活在當地的社區。
Finding the right path
  Our college counselors work with students (and their parents) to help choose and apply for colleges and universities across the world. Graduates from SSIS have been accepted by prestigious colleges and universities including University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Europe, Vassar College and McGill University in North America and the University of Hong Kong and Seoul National University in Asia.
  我們學院輔導員與學生工作(和他們的父母)來幫助選擇和申請院校在世界各地。 畢業生SSIS已經接受的知名高校包括劍橋大學、倫敦經濟學院和高等Hoteliere洛桑在歐洲、在北美瓦薩爾學院和麥吉爾大學、香港大學和首爾國立大學在亞洲。

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